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Can Jake Layman Finally Put It All Together?

Check out our first player analysis video on Jake Layman.

Opening Night – Blazers vs. Lakers // Christmas – Blazers @ Jazz

Yo, it’s Torey! I’m just giving my thoughts on these big matchups!

Giveaway Winner! (Summer League Championship T-Shirt)

And the winner of the very cool Evanem Summer League Championship T-shirt is . . .

RipCityTwo Highlights Day 1 – Rip City 3 on 3

Check out Torey Jones, True Blazer Fan partner, hoop it up a bit. I still think I can beat him in a game of one-on-one.

How Did You Celebrate The Blazers Summer League Championship?

The funniest comment about how you celebrated the Portland Trail Blazers’ recent Summer League championship wins you a free Summer League Champions t-shirt!

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