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This Game Triggered me | Blazers vs. Nuggets Reaction | Blazers vs. Spurs Preview

They’re Sleeping on the Blazers ONCE AGAIN!

A little something different! We examine a couple articles that are straight-up disrespectful toward the Portland Trail Blazers, and get a laugh at a couple of other weird things they have to say.

2018 Rip City 3 on 3 Tournament – Portland, Oregon

Some more fun footage of the 2018 Rip City 3 on 3 Tournament here in Portland, Oregon. Enjoy.

RipCityTwo Highlights Day 1 – Rip City 3 on 3

Check out Torey Jones, True Blazer Fan partner, hoop it up a bit. I still think I can beat him in a game of one-on-one.

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