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Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Lakers Summer League Championship

Blazers vs Lakers. 2018 NBA Summer League championship game. Full game highlights. July 17, 2018. Watch the Blazers fly high and take it to the Lakers. Hart disappoints and gets booted. Sad.

Portland Trail Blazers vs Memphis Grizzlies – Summer Leauge 2018

Blazers vs Grizzlies. Full game highlights. July 16, 2018. The Portland Trail Blazers play the Memphis Grizzlies. It’s an ugly game but it looks like the Blazers will have a re-match with the Lakers in the 2018 NBA Summer League Championship game!

Portland Trail Blazers vs Boston Celtics – Summer League 2018

I didn’t edit this one to the best of my ability … sorry. Was distracted. Blazers vs Celtics. 2018 NBA Summer League. Full game highlights. July 15, 2018. Enjoy.

Portland Trail Blazers vs Atlanta Hawks Summer League 2018

Blazers vs Hawks. 2018 NBA Summer League. July 12, 2018. Full game highlights. This is the second time the Blazers have faced the Hawks this year in Summer League. Same teams, same outcome.

Portland Trail Blazers vs San Antonio Spurs – Summer League 2018

Blazers vs Spurs. 2018 NBA Summer League. Blazers make it tough on themselves in the fourth quarter.

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