SeatGeek Promo Code 2021

So, you’re looking for a valid SeatGeek code for 2021, are you? You’ve found one. The code is trueblazerfan and it’ll work for your first purchase on the SeatGeek app (or on the SeatGeek website).

So go ahead, use my promo code and save yourself $20.

valid SeatGeek promo code for 2021 - TRUEBLAZERFAN

Many SeatGeek promo codes on websites like Slickdeals or Groupon don’t work. But that’s not the case with this code. It works. And it’ll always work, because I’m a trusted SeatGeek program ambassador.

Why I’m a SeatGeek Ambassador

Before I became a program ambassador, I used SeatGeek regularly. Why? Because when I used SeatGeek, I found the lowest priced tickets–almost every time. Obviously, cheaper tickets can sometimes be found elsewhere, but typically, I ended up purchasing my event tickets via SeatGeek.

Also, since SeatGeek is a mobile-focused, online ticket search engine, you can find tickets to almost any event you can imagine.

Not only that, all ticket sales on SeatGeek are guaranteed. If you have problems, you get your money back. Period.

SeatGeek Buyer Guarantee
All ticket purchases through SeatGeek are guaranteed!

Since my primary ticket-finding app was SeatGeek, I thought, What better company to represent than the one I use the most? I believe in them; I use them; I find good ticket prices–I want to promote them.

So here I am, promoting them.

Why Are Deals Better On SeatGeek?

SeatGeek sells tickets primarily on the secondary market. Think massive garage sale. People buy things (tickets) then they can’t use them so they sell them for cheap.

So, not only do you get to save $20 using my valid SeatGeek promo code for 2021 on your first purchase, you can find bargains even without it.

The key to finding the best ticket prices is simple. Wait. That’s right. Wait. Wait until the event is nearly started. That’s when people start thinking. Crap. My tickets aren’t selling. I should lower the price. That’s when you swoop in and buy them (and of course you use my promo code as well).

COVID-19 Is Losing Its Grip On The World

For a long time, SeatGeek suspended its ambassador program. There simply weren’t any SeatGeek promo codes to use. But now that COVID-19 is starting to go the way of the dinosaur, the world is starting to get back to normal (at least a little bit).

Even my cat hates COVID-19.

SeatGeek has restarted its ambassador program, and now ambassadors like me can start promoting them again. So give them a try! Even if you don’t end up buying event tickets on SeatGeek this time, maybe next time you’ll find the best deal there.

What Kinds Of Tickets Can You Buy?

You can buy most any event tickets. You can live anywhere from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Do you live in New York? Are you a Knicks fan? Buy tickets to see the Knicks. I mean, I don’t know why you’d be a Knicks fan, but I’m just giving an example.

Do you live in Nebraska? You can buy tickets to watch the Cornhuskers. I mean, I have no idea why you’d be a Cornhuskers fan, but . . . I suppose I should stop now.

Anyway, you get the idea. You can live in Oregon and buy tickets to see shows at the Keller Auditorium. You can live in Philly and buy tickets to events at Citizens Bank Park. You can live in Phoenix and buy tickets to events at the Phoenix Suns Arena.

You can live pretty much anywhere and buy tickets to any event. Concerts. Broadway productions. Comedy shows. Hockey games. Baseball games. Basketball games. Soccer games.

And oh, did I mention that SeatGeek is the primary ticket seller for MLS? Yep.

Full Disclosure

I’m a SeatGeek program ambassador. When you use my valid SeatGeek promo code for 2021, you save $20 and I make a small commission.

So, as I help you keep some money in your pocket, you help me put a little money in my pocket.

Legally, I have to tell you that. So there you go.

Video Describing My SeatGeek Experience

If you’d rather watch a video than read an article, I have a video on my SeatGeek experience. You can watch it here on YouTube.

You Can Sell Tickets On SeatGeek Too

If you have tickets you need to sell, you can use the SeatGeek app to do so. Sign up for an account and sell your tickets. Easy.

Even More About SeatGeek

I’ve written a much more detailed article on SeatGeek. You can read it here.